lakiery do drewna, kleje do drewna, materiały ścierne,fornir, narzędzia do obróbki drewna

For several years, Italcolor has been specializing in distribution, and for a few years also in manufacturing and sales of professional industrial products for wood such as wood stains, varnishes, preservatives, oils or patinas, etc. In recent years, we have enriched our range of products by adding industrial adhesives, hand tools and power tools for woodwork, varnishing equipment, furniture accessories, abrasives, as well as veneers. Until recently, these were products designed only for professional use. Now, we have used this knowledge and experience to create a range products designed specifically for individual customers. The R&D Department is responsible for the development of each product group from the whole range of products. The R&D Department consists of a group of highly-experienced professionals, sensitive to the problems connected with environmental protection, constantly looking for innovative solutions designed to provide the highest quality products, while at the same time deeply concerned about the safety of their users.

Laboratory and Quality Control Department To provide our customers with products meeting the highest requirements of Polish and European standards, we have opened a modernly equipped laboratory together with the Quality Control Department. We have the equipment allowing us to maintain constant highest technical parameters for our products. All the products: finished, semi-finished as well as raw materials undergo detailed quality control. The implemented quality control procedures ensure that any deviation from the set parameters are detected and corrected in such a way as to meet the imposed criteria. This process allows you to choose from a wide range of commercially available raw materials, only those which will give us a guarantee that our final products will meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers. All tests are performed in accordance with ISO and PN-EN standards.

Colour Workshop Due to the continuous development of the colour range of our products, it was necessary to set up the Colour Workshop. To meet the needs of our customers, we create custom colours, matching them to the presented colour cards, or according to individual requirements of a customer. The use of modern equipment such as a spectrophotometer and a light chamber helps to select colours very accurately. Our specialized and experienced staff incessantly monitor quality control of tinting bases, colorants, and pigment pastes to ensure colour consistency and long-time stability of the product.

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