Oiling is the oldest known method of protecting and caring for wood.

It helps to maintain a beautiful, natural look, gently emphasizing the wood grain, gives the wood silky smoothness and makes the wood surface look noble. COLORWOOD oils are based on natural tung oil. They are available in two forms:

Mobiloil Forte-for wooden furniture, tops, doors, wood paneling, etc. Olio Parquet-oil with enhanced mechanical properties for use on stairs, floors and large parquet floors in shopping centers.

Esterni Terrazza oil for exterior use is based on high-quality tung oil. It is designed for protection and decoration of wooden terrace flooring, garden furniture and other exterior wood elements. It protects wood against water and adverse weather conditions, giving wooden surfaces a natural noble look. It can also be applied to pressure-impregnated surfaces.

The impregnated surfaces have this wet look with a slightly golden tint. It is recommended for all types of wood, including hardwood and exotic wood species.

COLORWOOD oils have very good application parameters e.g. paint fluidity, uniformity of colouring, a unique way to emphasize the wood structure and colour, a pleasant smell, stability and high resistance to weathering and UV radiation. They reduce the shrinkage or swelling of the wood and do not peel off even in the toughest conditions.

They are also characterized by very good resistance to chemicals both to weak acids and bases, as well as to fluids commonly used in the household.

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