Based on years of experience, we have developed preservatives that protect wood and form a protective layer on wood surfaces. Thanks to the use of high quality raw materials, they guarantee long-term protection of exterior wood ( gazebos, holiday cottages, garden furniture, fences, roof structures, etc.). These products can also be used indoors, in places not intended for permanent human habitation (e.g. cubbyholes, attics, lofts, etc.)

They are suitable both for brush application, pouring and saturation by total immersion.

Pigments included in these preservatives are UV resistant. In addition, their waterproofing and water-regulating properties allow thus impregnated wood to breathe naturally. The resulting coating is smooth, not sticky, does not crack or peel. Before applying the product, the wood surface should be dusted off and degreased thoroughly, because preservatives penetrate much better into clean and dried wood. In order to do that, it is best to use a thinner compatible with the product (if the thinner is water, it is best to mix it some detergent before cleaning the surface).

In addition, the surface intended for impregnation should be sufficiently smooth, because after the application of the first coat it should not be sanded too hard.

This is because sanding leads to “blurring” of the grain pattern, making its texture less conspicuous. Both COLORWOOD waterborne and solvent-based preservatives dry for 3 to 5 hours, which allows their effective penetration into the wood structure. The next coat should be applied after at least 16 hours. It should be also remembered that we should not impregnate the wood before it is finally cut up, because in this way we expose the unprotected areas on the impregnated surface and sometimes it even leads to removing already impregnated parts.

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