Wood Stains

We offer a wide range of spirit-based, solvent-based and waterborne wood stains of various colours. Their proper selection positively affects the repeatability of colours and application parametres of wood stains, while providing at the same time great compatibility with topcoat products . The effect of “bleeding” has been eliminated completely by using selected dyes.

Colorwood wood stains are also characterized by increased light-resistance.

lakiery do drewnakleje do drewna

Solvent-based wood stains (TIN-10-01/30) are characterized by extended drying time, which makes them a perfect tool for highlighting the structure of the wood being stained, and therefore they are particularly suited for wood with deep pores. They are applied by spraying, or by using a swab or brush. By choosing the latter method, we strongly highlight the wood grain.

Spirit-based wood stains (TIN-20-01/30) are characterized by extremely short drying time, making it possible to mask the differences in shades of the wood elements being stained. These products are intended for application by spraying only.

Pastel wood stains (TPV-20-01/08) offer a full range of warm, bright, half-covering colours, which are characterized by high UV resistance. These products are also applied by spraying only.

Waterborne wood stains (Classica and Rustica) have been created out of concern for the environment and as a result of increasingly stringent standards for emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Classica wood stains(TIN-30-01/30) are designed for application by spraying. They are characterized by a slight penetration of wooden elements, which is used to harmonize any differences in shades of the wooden surfaces being stained.

Rustica wood stains (TIN-40-01/30) their formulas are based on special resins that allow to achieve a uniform shade of the stained elements, even if these elements are very wet. They are designed for staining all types of wood, mainly by immersion. It is also possible to apply them by spraying, using a brush or swab.

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