Particularly noteworthy is the ISAND one-step polishing system. Among a large number of manufacturers, this abrasive compound is distinguished by its quality and versatility. The ISAND abrasive compound one step only, is designed for all new coatings (paints and clear varnishes), for refreshing old varnish coatings and also for ceramic varnishes. The compound can be applied to all varnished surfaces, and in particular to surfaces covered with: furniture varnishes; industrial varnishes, acrylic varnishes, polyurethane varnishes, powder varnishes It can also be applied to metals or non-ferrous metals, stainless steel (inox), plastics, gel coats, French polishes etc. The key raw materials used to make this abrasive compound are coarse grains, developed with the use of the most advanced technology of the so-called: intelligent grains. In the process of surface treatment, the grains are molecularly transformed from “very aggressive” into extremely fine ones, which results in a shiny surface without holograms. Another element increasing the aggressiveness of a given product, is a specially developed abrasive sponge which, thanks to special notches removes unwanted heat.

The product removes from varnished surfaces the following imperfections:

  • scratches and scrapes
  • runs and defects
  • so-called orange peel
  • oxidation
  • traces of dust and inclusions
  • holograms

Isand Flex – abrasive paper rolls with foam backing

A specialized long-life product, working on average 30% to 50% longer than similar competitive products. It hardly clogs at all due to the use of high quality aluminum oxide and a large amount of stearate. In order to make the product more durable, it is impregnated with latex. The product is available in light red, with flexible backing, grit sizes from P- 80 to P- 1500, in rolls of 115mm wide x 25metres long. It is particularly suitable for roughening primers and varnishes.

Abrasive Sponges

A wide range of specialized products for even the most demanding users. Apart from standard products such as smooth abrasive sponges of varying softness and porosity, we also offer products with a characteristic appearance and purpose. These are chamfered sponges, which are designed for the so-called cold polishing technology. They are tools, which guarantee the highest quality of the polished surface. Particularly noteworthy is the Spider” sponge type, which, due to its specific properties, can polish (removing coarse scratches) a given item and give it a shiny look. It is an all-purpose product that can be often used alone instead of three different products.

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