The entire process of furniture production cannot do without abrasives. Only a careful selection of raw materials is a guarantee that the end results will be satisfactory, and their quality will meet the requirements of each customer. It is worth keeping in mind that only the desired depth of the scratches made by using abrasive materials gives us good adhesion or desirable gloss. Italcolor offers a wide range of abrasives:

  • endless abrasive belts
  • abrasive discs
  • abrasive cloths
  • sanding blocks
  • cleaning sticks
  • complete polishing system
  • and practically all fine abrasives required for furniture production

Italcolor offers its clients a full range of own-brand products under the name ISAND. It is worth mentioning that the whole range of ISAND products are supplemented with selected products from other manufacturers. And this is all done in order to facilitate production and reduce costs at every stage.

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