Under the brand name Vernicolor there are over 200 items of varnishing materials that will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customers, whatever application methods they are going to use (e.g. brushes, suction feed cup spray guns, curtain coaters, dipping or roller application). Bearing in mind the need for environmental protection, we place great emphasis on the dynamic growth of sales of waterborne varnishes, which are a growing part of our range of varnishes.

The constantly extended range of products currently includes:

  • waterborne varnishes for interior and exterior use
  • solvent-based polyurethane varnishes
  • waterborne acrylic varnishes
  • solvent-based acrylic varnishes
  • polyester varnishes
  • nitrocellulose lacquers
  • UV curable varnishes, waterborne and solvent-based
  • varnishes for parquet flooring, waterborne and solvent-based
  • varnishes designed for the protection of wooden stairs, waterborne and solvent-based
  • enamels – Colorit, RAL, NCS colour systems and other popular colour charts
  • special effects
  • varnishes designed for other types of substrates (e.g. glass, plastic)

The product range offered by Vernicolor has been extended by adding the following product groups:

  • polyurethane undercoat varnishes FPV  
  • polyurethane topcoat varnishes OPV  
  • hardeners (C300, C301, C304, C306, C309, C327)
  • thinners (DV610 – polyurethane, DV604 – n-Butyl acetate)


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