Waterborne Varnishes for Exterior and Interior use

The use of waterborne varnishes for exterior woodwork has now become common, thanks to many advantages of these varnishes, which include, among other things:

  • reduced emissions of volatile substances into the atmosphere,
  • shortened time needed for varnishing,
  • excellent flexibility of coatings,
  • their resistance to temperature variations and atmospheric factors,
  • maximum covering power and a lack of any risk connected with self-ignition of noxious vapours while spraying.

The main reason for developing a new line of varnishes was the need to obtain coatings that are able to meet the increasingly growing customer requirements concerning their durability, in the case of simultaneous increase in the cost of raw materials needed for their manufacture. This was the main challenge the ICA’s labs had faced in order to hone and test their own products using advanced computer simulations based on the results of the research on the behaviour of products under conditions of accelerated ageing. The ARBOREA line of products is a perfect combination of excellent wood protection and long-lasting unchanged appearance of the coating.

The ARBOREA line of products are able to guarantee such a high level of quality, because:

  • they contain special compounds which prevent the growth of fungi and mildew;
  • they contain pigments and UV filters which prevent coatings from yellowing and ageing and thus they protect the wooden surface of the element;
  • they are subject to stringent laboratory tests, not only in the experimental stage, but also systematically during the manufacture of each batch, to ensure repeatability;
  • they are tested by independent research centres according to procedures based on strict general requirements (including European standards, e.g.: EN 927) for the classification of coatings for exterior use.

ASEPTICA is a new range of ICA products for interior use characterized by their antibacterial properties. The effectiveness of the coating is over 99%. The ASEPTICA line of products can be used initially to quickly get rid of dirt or grime in areas which are difficult to be kept clean, such as bed rests, insides of wardrobes, fronts of cupboards, etc.


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