Industrial Adhesives

We offer our customers professional adhesives for the woodwork industry under the brand name INCOLL. These adhesives meet the highest international standards, while offering the best value for money ratio. They give the possibility of solving the technological problems connected with industrial bonding and guarantee the achievement of innovative and satisfactory results. INCOLL adhesives include: POLYURETHANE ADHESIVES (monopur, itapur, apliconpur) find out more SOLVENT-BASED ADHESIVES (itapren spray, itacontact spray, prenocon) find out more HOT MELT ADHESIVES (termostick, suprastick) find out more ADHESIVES FOR PVC FOIL (suprapur) find out more WOOD ADHESIVES BASED ON POLYVINYL ACETATE (aplivil, supravil) find out more ADHESIVES FOR WOOD PARQUET FLOORING (glupar pu, pluspar pu) find out more POWDER UREA-FORMALDEHYDE RESIN (supradur) find out more

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