lakiery do drewna, kleje do drewna, materiały ścierne,fornir, narzędzia do obróbki drewna

Italcolor Company began its business activities selling varnishes for wood produced by the Italian company ICA, as its exclusive distributor in southern Poland and still successfully continues to sell them. The high quality and wide industrial application of ICA products contributed to a dynamic development of the company. Since then ITALCOLOR has been continually expanding its range of products, particularly by adding its own products. We offer a wide range of products for wood protection e.g. preservatives or oils, as well as products designed for the decoration of wood, MDF and other wood-like materials, including all types of varnishes, wood stains, patinas, natural reconstructed (engineered) veneers and specialist products for obtaining special effects on different types of surfaces such as PVC, glass. Our range of decorative materials is supplemented by furniture accessories such as knobs or handles. Our customers will also find the indispensable products used in the carpentry industry, such as solvents or industrial adhesives. Our range of adhesives is very wide. We offer: polyurethane adhesives, solvent-based adhesives, hot melt adhesives, adhesives for PVC foil, parquet flooring, urea-formaldehyde resins or polymer dispersion adhesives based on polyvinyl acetate. The portfolio of our products is completed by accessories and materials for woodwork, ranging from varnishing equipment, professional power tools and hand tools to abrasives. In 2011 ITALCOLOR began manufacturing and selling products designed for wood protection, decoration and care, which are dedicated to individual customers. We invite you to familiarize yourselves with our range of products.

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